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How to check whether the medicines are not expired?

The self-life or date of expiry of medicines would be printed on the tablet blister. You can check on the blister, for determining if it’s safe or not for use.

Do I require to have a prescription to order sleeping pills from the website?

Sleeping Tablets offers sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines for sale without the requirement of the prescription. If you are suffering from Insomnia or Anxiety and require sleeping pills for treating your condition, you can get them from our website without any doctor’s prescriptions. We do offer effective and safe medicines online for enabling our customers to obtain the medicines they require quickly as most of the doctors could make it a difficult process.

Are Medicines provided online Safe?

Yes, every medicine provided for sale on Sleeping tablets effective and safe. We do offer a comprehensive range of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines which are exactly same as the ones you are going to purchase from pharmacy. We do obtain the medicines from trusted manufacturers who are into good manufacturing process.

Should the patient get a prescription before placing of an order?

The patients are always suggested to get a prescription before the purchase of the tablet, however it is not necessary. It all depends upon the needs and preferences of the customers.

Products and catalogue

What is online sleeping tablets?

Sleeping tablets is an online pharmacy store where the customers can buy cheap sleeping tablets in UK with ease and convenience. We are one of the leading online stores providing remedial solutions for the disorders such as sleepeliness, anxiety and drowsiness.

Why are there different types of sleeping medications?

Insomnia might arise from various conditions, it might be due to stress, anxiety, current or past mental health or physical health and so on. There are different tablets for the various diseases and to provide effective solutions to the various disorders.


What’s your Cancellation Policy?

You have the option of cancelling your order, before it is shipped. In case the order has already been shipped, then would be difficult to cancel. For seeking more information on cancellation policy, you may refer Terms and Conditions page.

How to place an order?

The patients can place an order directly on the website by simply clicking on the type of tablet you require on the homepage and it will directly take you to the product page where you will find more information about the product.

When will the customer receive the order?

The order is expected to arrive within two working days however it depends upon the location. If the customer is situated far away, it might take 4 to 10 working days. The customers will receive email confirmation whenver the order is placed and dispatched.

What to do when the order hasn’t arrived?

There is always a standard time which has been provided to the customers on the shipment. The customers are updated regarding the shipment of the product. But still, if the order hasn’t arrived then the customers must contact the customer support immediately.

What to do if the order is missing ?

If the order goes missing, the customers myth receive a refund or free reshipment if the customers have provided evidence or proof regarding the same. To know more about it, the customers must visit the refund policy page.


Is it possible to cancel the order?

The customers can cancel the order before receving the information about the dispatch mail. Once the order has been shipped, there will be no further cancellations.

Is the website safe?

The website is a safe and sound online pharmacy which practices high standards regarding the safety and the security.The personal information and the banking details will remain safe with us.

Payment & Delivery

What will happen if I am not at home when the order is delivered?

The customer’s registered email id will be used via the organizations post to deliver the parcels. If the customer is not at home, a card will be left claiming that you can pick it from your closest post office.

If you use a credit card, can anyone else use your details to make purchases?

Since we are a secure site, you don’t need to worry about the security purposes. We use the latest encryption methods to ensure the security of the payment. There will be no credit card details displayed on any one’s screen.

If you want to deliver the next order to some other address. What do you do?

In this case, a question will appear on your screen asking you whether you want the same address or something else. In this case, if you wish to change, then you can change the address and fill in all the details.